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With their environments, multimedia interventions, site-specific installations, sculptures, performances, collages, texts, soundscapes, and olfactory interventions MUELLER-DIVJAK (Jeanette Müller & Paul Divjak) reflect nature, society and living systems in terms of general systems theory. A careful use of found (natural and man-made) material and the idea of upcycling is characterizing their work, a cradle-to-cradle approach helps fostering the artists and researchers ideal of sustainability.

Both received the Theodor Körner Prize for Science and Art independently for their doctoral theses. They live and run studios in Vienna and Southeast Asia.

Recent solo shows by MUELLER-DIVJAK include 77.000 GENERATIONS – Berta says we need to find a new conception for man, Künstlerhaus Bregenz (2020), Future Memories, KMH/ Liechtenstein (2018), Hoky-Poky I & II, Art Brut Galerie/ Gugging (2017, 2018) and The Transition Show, Princess Sirinthorn Art Gallery/ Nakhon Pathom (2016).

In 2016, they established the Future Presents Lab at AIL – Angewandte Innovation Lab, University of Applied Arts Vienna and organised the series FUTURE RELATIONS DINNERS (AIL, and Forum Mozartplatz, Vienna). In 2017, they participated in 365 Days: Life Muse, The Art Center, Silpakorn University, Bangkok. (Curated by Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture)

Among others they were awarded an Artists in Residency at Silpakorn University in 2016, Bangkok/ Nakhon Pathom, and a studio residency in Venice in 2017.

MUELLER-DIVJAK held lectures, courses and workshops – e.g. at the University of Applied Arts/ Vienna, at Silpakorn University Bangkok/ Nakhon Pathom, at the ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts, and the European School of Arts, Vilnius.

MUELLER-DIVJAK´s work is found in private and public collections, and in public space.

Further artwork of MUELLER-DIVJAK Jeanette Mueller / Trustroom

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